"TRUTH MOVEMENTS" and live shows coming up in 2009..

"TRUTH MOVEMENTS" is a short documentary film taken from The Light Surgeons Live Cinema performance TRUE FICTIONS.

The film weaves a tangled web of conspiracies theories, divergent views and public oratory, from the 5th anniversary of 911 together into a escalating argument about truth.

Contrasting two points of view: the protesters or "truthers" who want to re-investigate 911 and those who oppose their intervention outside the memorial on this national day of morning. The conversation flits from person to person as the exchanges of opinions become increasingly passionate and emotional. A group of US marines berate a crowd who proclaim that 911 was an “inside job”. Their heated exchanges reveal how this defining event is still being fought over and will continue to be manipulated for different political motives.

The film is scored with a track created during the TRUE FICTIONS project (see earlier posts for how this process came about) and includes a building vibraphone melody, live drums and an Oud solo by Mavrothi Kontanis.

All the video footage, stills and interviews were recorded at ground zero by Chris Allen & Rob Rainbow on the 5th anniversary of 911 in 2006.

The film and TRUE FICTIONS project is produced & directed by Christopher Thomas Allen

Audio arrangement by Tim Cowie & Mark McRae
Edited by Chris Allen, Tim Cowie & James Price

TRUE FICTIONS continues to tour with shows coming up at the Loop Festival, in Brighton and in potentially a show in Belfast in July as well. We are hoping to arrange a big show in New York in the autum.. Stay tuned.