World Premier

EMPAC, The Armory, Troy, New York
- 14.09.2007


Produced & Directed by Christopher Thomas Allen

Assistant Production by Annie Kwan

NYC Production Co-ordination by Sarah Pace

Research Producer Helen Omand

Cinematography by Chris Allen & Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow

Photography by Chris Allen, Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow & Helen Omand

Edited by Chris Allen, James Price & Tim Cowie

Animation by Martin Banks, Tim Cowie & Blinkinlab

Field Recordings and Audio Interviews by Chris Allen,
Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow & Jo Williamson

Studio Sound Recording & Initial Arrangements by Ben Allen

Music Production & Arrangements by Tim Cowie

Addition Audio Production by Malcom Litson & Jude Greenaway

Drums & Percussion:

Scotty "Imp" Lehman – Drums
Brian Fishler – Drums
Pat Rock – Drums
Isabel Pupo Walker - Percussion
Rev Mofo – Drums & Percussion
Valerie Opielski - Percussion
Sean McCall - Vibraphone

String Instuments:

Robbie Seahag – Bass & Electric Guitar
Jason Deiso – Bass Guitar
Valerie Opielski - Electric Guitar
Laurent Medelgi – Guitar
Jo Williamson – Acoustic Guitar
Luke Cissell – Fiddle
Tom Mayer – Double Bass
Brent Arnold - Cello
Mavrothi Kontanis – Oud
Chris Chalfant – Grand Piano


Jo Williamson
Chanda Rule
Marrie Mascari
Adrienne Hecker
Melanie Moser
Kendra Flowers



Wind instruments:

Joseph Jarman – Flute & Saxophone
Martha Hyde – Soprano Saxophone
Welf Dorr – Tenor Saxophone

Special Thanks to:

The Seneca-Iroquois National Museum, Salamanca, NY
The Ronathahonni Cultural Center, Cornwall Island, Ontario
Nichols Meat Processing, Altamont, NY

Kathleen Forde, Jason Steven Murphy
and all the staff at EMPAC

David Lublin & Ray Cutler at VIDVOX

An EMPAC Commission supported by The Jaffe Fund
for Experimental Media and Performing Arts

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